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Front Elevation - With
Survey Demonstration
   Conference Hall
   Seminar Hall
   Library -
Reference Section
   Library -
Reading Hall
   MBA - Classroom
   MBA - Seminar Hall
   Bank - Interior View
   Training &
Placement Office
  Gym with Indoor Games
   Canteen - Interior View
   Aeronautical Lab
   Architectural Lab
   B. Arch - Studio
  Skills Lab
   Concrete Lab &
  Soil Testing Lab
   DSP Lab
   EEE -
Electrical Machines Lab
   IT Lab
   Linear Integrated
Circuits Lab
   Machine Shop
   Model Making
   PG - CSE Lab
  Thermal Lab & Strength
of Materials Lab
   Mens Hostel -
   Mens Hostel -
   Ladies Hostel -
   Ladies Hostel -
   Ladies Hostel -
Dining Hall
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