Department of Chemical Engineering

About The Department

   The department of Chemical Engineering was established in the year 2014. The department offers Bachelors of Technology (B.Tech.) in Chemical Engineering from the academic year 2014–2015.

   The Department comprises of highly qualified and committed faculty members with experience in both Academia and Research & Development (R&D). Their expertise covers various domains in Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Energy Engineering, and Polymer Technology.

   Chemical Engineering is one of the most popular branches of engineering which deals with the large-scale production of chemicals. Chemical Engineers apply both, the knowledge of chemistry and, the principles of engineering to the chemical industry and thus form the bridge or the link between science and manufacturing. They are involved in a wide variety of activities like equipment design, process developing for chemical manufacture on a large scale, planning and testing ways of producing and the treatment of by-products as well as supervision of manufacturing activities.

   The Chemical Engineers (also called as Process Engineers) work in the various aspects of varieties of industries such as: chemicals, petroleum and petrochemicals, fertilizer, sugar, paper and pulp, bio-chemicals, food preservation, pharmaceuticals, electronic materials, materials of everyday life, energy, environment, etc.

   The Department is well equipped with laboratory facilities including high-end equipments like sono-reactors, photochemical reactor, packed bed reactor, rotating disc extractor, ion exchange column, absorption column, packed bed distillation column, rotary dryer, cooling tower, agitator, cascade control system and more.

   The Department has a strong desire of forging innovative alliance with industries to achieve academic excellence along with updated training on current professional practices. The Department offers consultancy services to the industries and also active in industrial problem solving through institute-industry-interaction. It has organized many training programmes for professionals and faculty members in the areas of core chemical engineering, environmental engineering, nanotechnology, modeling, simulation, optimization and many more.

   The department periodically organizes guest lecture, workshops, training programmes, and conferences in many emerging areas. Industrial visits are arranged periodically to help the students. Students are encouraged to undergo in-plant training. Personality development training programmes are conducted in third year of study so as to equip the students for placement. Guidance is given for competitive exams such as GATE etc.