Department of Management Studies

Faculty Members

S.NONAME OF THE FACULTYQualificationDesignationSpecializationExperience in Years
1Dr.T.L.Venkata SubramanianB.Tech, MBA, Ph.D Professor & HeadMarketing48y 4m
2Dr.B.SankaranM.Com, M.Phil,MBA, Ph.D ProfessorFinance & Marketing29y 7m
3Dr.A.ManorselviM.Com, M.Phil,MBA, Ph.D Associate ProfessorFinance & Marketing9y
4Dr.R.MuraliMBA, Ph.D Associate ProfessorHR & Marketing15y 11m
5Mrs.C.EvangelineMBA,(M.Phil) Asst.ProfessorHR & Marketing7y 10m
6Mrs.B.SreeyaMBA Asst.ProfessorFinance & Marketing7y
7Mrs.Ulchi Venkata SumalathaMBA Asst.ProfessorFinance & Marketing6y 7m
8Mrs.A.R.ArunaB.Tech, MBA Asst.ProfessorFinance & HR6y
9Mr.A.FredrickB.Tech, MBA Asst.ProfessorGeneral Management6y 10m
10Mr.K.KumarB.Tech, MBA Asst.ProfessorMarketing & Systems3y 11m
11Mr. S. NagarajanMBA, M.Phil Asst.ProfessorHR1y
12Mr.D. LeninB.E, MBA Asst.ProfessorHR & Marketing3m
13Mr.K.GokulrajMBA Asst.ProfessorSystems & Finance3m
14Ms. J.N. AbarnaMBA, M.Phil Asst.ProfessorFinance & HR2m
15Ms. Arthi AmceeahMBA, M.Phil Asst.ProfessorMarketing & HR3m
16Mrs .R.SajeenaB.E, MBA Asst.ProfessorHR & Finance2m